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Web Administrator/Member Andrew Kendrick takes pictures of the Interior of the DOEM Upgraded Command/Communications Van (EM-1).  The department has upgraded the layout of the van to accommodate new communications equipment with a work station (desk).  Some of the new and current radio equipment includes the Illinois Terrorism Task Force Communications, (State Wide Mutual Aid Frequencies), County and Municipal frequencies, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Works and Emergency Management Frequencies.  The van is equipped with communication equipment  that can activate the County Wide Outdoor Warning Sirens.  A Citizens Band Radio, Hand Held Cell Phone, NOAA Weather Radio,  also included.  Interior Lightning both AC/DC Florescent Fixtures.   Several Portable Radios are included with the equipment.  Lap Top Computer with City Mapping on board.  Exterior picture of the van is on the Fleet Page located on home page.  All the work was completed by dedicated DOEM members.  More information listed below pictures.....


                                     Coordinator Terry Mulvany                                                                                Jimmy Hill - Ham Radio

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Other materials included in EM-1;   City EOP, City maps, County 911 Maps, clip boards with paper pads, pencils/ink pens, marking boards with marking pens, First Aid Kits, protective safety gear (rain gear, gloves, helmets, goggles, traffic vest ect.), hand tools, traffic cones, camera, binocular, traffic flares, flash lights with extra batteries, seating stools, trailer hitches, tow chain, numerous electrical extension cords, fire extinguishers, telephone books, City of Salem Emergency Operations Plan (Paper Copy), resource manual, Haz-Mat Emergency Response Guidebooks, electric hook up capability and other small items.  Van is also equipped with 2500 watt portable generator unit.

All members are trained to operate the equipment.....